Happy Anniversary

I met my husband, Jackson in college when we were both eighteen. We reported to college early for our sports, he played soccer and I played volleyball. We were friends for the first couple of months, but then one night we had our first kiss, okay there could have been some alcohol involved. We counted that kiss as our official start and never looked back. Over the course of our four years at Santa Clara University: we drank way too much, had the time of our lives, learned a lot about ourselves and each other and I quickly knew he would be my forever. Fast forward to the night before our graduation and Jackson proposed in front of our family and friends. A year later we got married in Newport Beach, CA and it was the best day of my life!


This past Thursday, July 21st marked our 9th wedding anniversary. Jackson and I decided to take the train to San Fransisco and adventure the bar scene. We took a bullet train which only takes a little over an hour to arrive in the city, so we had our beers in hand and loved the people watching.


We started at Rickhouse, a bar that has an old, rustic 1920s vibe, in the Financial District. It was packed and we were shocked, but then again we were in the city- it’s always happening. We decided to only stay for one drink, which were delicious and ventured to our next destination.


We hopped in an Uber and went to Urban Putt, an indoor miniature golf course. The wait for golf was 40 minutes, which was fine because we were starving and their menu looked awesome.


We headed upstairs and ordered two Moscow Mules and started with the grilled nectarine appetizer, delicious. For the main dishes we ordered: a burger with fries, grilled cheese and mexican street corn; everything was amazing. The corn was super spicy, so Jackson tried to eat it all at once and the waitress came by in the midst of him pounding the corn and she said, “wow, he really likes corn!” We died laughing because he had it all over his face; thank goodness we weren’t on our first date! After dinner, Jackson pulled papers from his pocket and told me he had documented all of our memories from the past year; I was deeply touched and loved reading through so many adventures and memories we had made in just one short year.


We headed downstairs and started playing through the miniature golf course, the holes were all very different and creative. Jackson and I enjoyed the course and had many laughs along the way with our ridiculous shots, some shooting right back at us. When we finished we tallied up the score and….it was a tie! By this time it was almost 11pm, so we had to call it a night. There were a few more bars we didn’t make it to, but we will definitely be back.


Happy 9th anniversary Jackson, it was a night to remember! Xo


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  1. What a fantastic way to celebrate your anniversary by having fun together, which sounds like the “secret sauce” of your relationship. Looking forward to the next blog. Keep it up!

  2. Proud of you sis! Looks awesome and I loved reading about your fun evening! Keep up the good work and cheers to MANY more years! Xo

    1. Thank you sis, that means a lot coming from you! Love you so much, thanks for the huge support😍

  3. Such an amazing writer! Love reading about your adventures! Enjoy the journey 🙂 so very proud of you ♡♡

  4. Read this for a least the 4th time and it brings a smile to my face every time. Love reading our love story and thinking back over the last 9 years. Oove our life and the adventures we have together

    1. Thank you for your support and helping me create our love story, so I could make this blog a reality! I love you😍

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