Menu Planning

Oh the dreaded, “what’s for dinner?” question asked by your husband after a busy day and the LAST thing you want to think about! My husband and I cook most week nights and making the grocery list and then having to go to the grocery store is a real drag, but a home cooked meal and your waist line will appreciate it (and your bank account too)! I hope my method brings you inspiration to try my organized grocery list or make a meal from the amazing food blogs I follow. I encourage you to cook five out of the seven days next week, you can do it! Follow my simple steps to menu planning.


Here’s The Skinny:

  1. Decide how many meals
  2. Gather recipes
  3. Make the grocery list
  4. Grocery shop

The Delicious Detailed Plan:

First, I think about our week ahead and count how many dinners we will need for the week and what kind of week it will be, this helps to determine how easy or fast the meals need to be. My husband and I both eat leftovers for lunch, so if a recipe calls for two chicken breast, I double the recipe. My weekly recipes usually consist of: salads, chicken recipes, a Mexican meal and a fish dish. I also think about breakfast and snacks for the week ahead.

Menu Making:

Once I have the number of meals, I go to the Internet (usually just on my phone) to my favorite food blogs or look through our recipe books (listed below). If the recipe is on the Internet I copy the website address and paste it into either an e-mail or a word document (if I’m on my phone I paste it into my notes app). I usually send a copy of the websites to my husband via e-mail or text because we share the cooking duty, but most nights we cook together; which is a great way to unwind after a busy day and connect through team work and talking (lets be honest we can do this because we don’t’ have kids and team work means eating sooner)!

Grocery List:

When I have gathered all of my recipes, I start with the actual grocery list. The Real Simple Grocery List helps me a ton by not only making the list but also when I’m at the grocery store, to navigate the aisles quickly and locate items because the list is categorized by each section of the grocery store (I buy mine at Target, link below). When I’m making the list and I’m not sure if we have an item, I write it on the top of my list with a question mark next to it or on a sticky note. When I’m done with the list, I go on a hunt to our pantry or refrigerator for the questionable items.


A must have grocery list:

Grocery Store:

Then off to the dreaded grocery store; I wish I loved going, but it is a real chore for me…okay to be honest it’s because of: the people’s carts in the middle of the aisle, the child having a tantrum, the slow checker, the bagger that puts the delicate items on the bottom and heavy items on top of them, or the worst-they are out of the one or two items you must have and… off to the second or third grocery store I go.

My grocery bill was less than $100.00 for 6 breakfasts, lunches and dinners last week (I had the shrimp and talapia in the freezer)!

Favorite Food Blogs:

Favorite Recipe Books:

(I buy these at Costco or Target)




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