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This one goes out to all of you TRIwives out there; cheers to you and supporting your man! My husband has been doing triathlons for five years and there have been ups and downs with them. Triathlons are not easy on a triwife; we have had countless arguments and tears over the amount of: training, no checkins on long bike rides and the famous signing up for races without me knowing, but you’ve always wanted to go there…right?! NO, triathlons are not a vacation! Being a triathlete is very expensive, the training is endless and the amount of worry I endure on long bike rides and races are torture for me. My husband has crashed twice on his bike and let me tell you the road always wins. On the other hand we have met some amazing friends through the triathlon community. When you attend a triathlon race its amazing, the amount of motivation and support from: volunteers, spectators, family and friends, it makes you want to sign up for the next tri; it’s truly something I can’t describe. I am the most proud person when my husband crosses that finish line  because I know how much time, effort and energy he puts into his training and that alone is something to be awe struck over! Although triathlons are truly not my favorite thing because it takes my man away from me, it makes him happy so I choose to be supportive. It is not easy being a triwife, but let me give you a few of our secrets to what keeps me putting up with these tri things because as you can tell it’s a love hate relationship.


Calendar (planning for the week): When Jackson receives his workouts from his coach, he puts them on our monthly calendar white board. We also talk about our day before we go to bed and I try to remember to ask him what his workout plan is for the following day.

Tracking on the Phone: There is an app called: Find Friends on iPhones and you have to first add a friend, then they have to approve the request. This app allows you to see where your approved friends are. Jackson and I use this on his long rides, I can check this app and receive a piece of mind by seeing if he is still moving every 30 seconds. This has been a great tool we have started using this year.

Races, then vacation after: Leading up to a race is not a vacation, Jackson is very much preoccupied mentally about his race ahead. Before a race there are a lot of preparation for a triathlon: bike check in, setting your bags for transitions and lots of rest until the big race. We have learned to take some time after the race, if we can to fit in a vacation; Jackson is always down to party after finishing a race.


Has to be home for dinner: Jackson does a great job planning his day and fits in his training throughout his day, so he can be home by dinner. Eating dinner at the dinning table has always been important to us; we talk about our days and reconnect after not seeing each other all day.

Look at races and scheduling for the year: Jackson has become really great at looking at the races he wants to do and then looking at our calendar to see what races will fit into our year. He tries to pick new places and destinations we have never been; which has been really fun to visit and explore new places.

Try to train with him: I have recently sagged on his long runs, while riding my bike and carrying his water and nutrition. We have also swam and done yoga together.


Team Dovey: We both have amazing family members who travel with us; I have never attended an Ironman without family there. We feel so lucky because an Ironman is a long race and can be a bit nerve racking for me and our families have been there to eat breakfast after the swim, lunch after seeing him on the bike and help cheer on Jackson. Team Dovey is always out in full force and you can’t miss us with: signs, whistles, cowbells and whatever else it takes to cheer on our hard working Ironman. Jackson feels blessed to have so many of us cheering him on, throughout a grueling race; I love when we put a smile on his face!

Triwife Friends: I have been blessed to meet amazing triwives, through Jackson’s triathlon teams; we have hit the jackpot with our trifriends. It always helps to share a commonality with my fellow triwives because we are truly the only one who knows how much time and energy our boys put into training for a tri! I love all of you and thank you for your endless support and tri talks; I couldn’t do this without you!

Pray for a guarding angel over him…ALWAYS!

Biggest Cheerleader: Jackson is my everything, it’s my choice and a no brainer to be at every single one of his triathlon races. He supports me and I will always be his biggest cheerleader at his races and in life!


Congratulations to every triathlete out there, your endless hours of dedication and effort are so inspiring to so many. Best of luck in your races. Sending out the best of luck to all of the Kona World Championship racers for 2016; I can’t wait to see you out there and cheer you on. I guess that race isn’t a bad place to go and this year my husband and I are taking a REAL vacation to Kauai afterwards…he’s learning! Triwives, we are in this together. I’m holding my glass of champagne and making a cheers to each and everyone of you! Happy off season or soon to be! Xo #teamdovey


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