FALLtastic Recipes

When we returned home from Hawaii, I wasn’t quite ready for Fall, but coming back to rainy weather forced me to embrace the Fall season with open arms. With an empty fridge I quickly went to Pintrest for some fall recipe inspo. I hit the jackpot with these fall recipes, Bon Appetit!


My Facebook feed has turned into cooking videos and I’m obsessed. I found this recipe through Facebook and talk about the ultimate comfort food, five stars for this recipe!



These were super easy and delicious!!!


*I added 2 chicken breast to this recipe, marinated in maple syrup.



Jackson bbqed the meat, it was a hot day. This was an easy recipe and all the ingredients were found at Trader Joes. Thanks to my sis for sharing this delicious recipe with me!



This was an amazing fall recipe, one that will be on repeat! I bought the red enchilada sauce at Trader Joes in a glass bottle, really yummy! This recipe was quick and delicious



This recipe took awhile to cook, but worth the wait! The beef melted in your mouth and reminded me of my grandma’s beef soup; when you compare a recipe to your grandma’s cooking, you know it must be good!


I hope you enjoy these fall recipes! Happy Fall Y’all!


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