Month: November 2016

Thanksgiving Dinner

Cooking thanksgiving dinner can be very overwhelming, but why should it when it’s a day to be thankful & spend time with your loved ones. We have a tradition of going to Mexico with our friends, which is the most amazing tradition…EVER! Although I could eat Mexican food everyday, we still miss our favorite sides for Thanksgiving. We solved this… Read more →

Ironman Kona

Ironman Kona is the pinnacle of all triathlon races, equivalent in this sport is like the Super Bowl, the Wimbledon or the World Cup, the big Kahuna so to speak. You have to qualify by placing at the top of your age group at an Ironman race. It’s a challenge to just do an Ironman, but this race brings the… Read more →

What Matters Most

With all the opinions poring out last week that held so much negativity, I decided to not get down on life and focus on what matters the most to me. I first took a break from Facebook because I’m just not a political person, happy pictures on Instagram and funny faces on Snapchat are more my speed. I choose love at… Read more →