What Matters Most

With all the opinions poring out last week that held so much negativity, I decided to not get down on life and focus on what matters the most to me. I first took a break from Facebook because I’m just not a political person, happy pictures on Instagram and funny faces on Snapchat are more my speed. I choose love at the end of the day, positivity and being the best person possible. The world is way bigger than myself but I have the power to change myself which can start with being the best wife, trickle down to my family, my friends, their friends, my community and so forth; being a good human being in this day in age is beyond critical. So this November I’m starting with myself to not only give my all to my husband, family, friends, but my community as well.

My husband and I have been traveling a lot lately, which has been really fun! When we got home last week reality struck hard and not only was my husband super busy at work, our home & personal to dos seemed to be overflowing with mundane tasks. I was feeling the hustle and bustle of this busy time of year, with holidays galore and my to do list growing. While driving on Tuesday I was letting the negativity win, letting my inner voice take over which in turn was stressing me out. At my next errand I pulled out some stickies I had in my car, wrote down what I was thankful for, changed my attitude and decided to let positivity take over. It was that simple, one minute changed my mindset; its it crazy how powerful our minds are!


That night I started making a list of fun things to do instead of dwelling on the not so fun things we have to do in our world of ‘adulting.’ One idea was making a game themed date night box for my husband. I bought a few games at Target, a puzzle from Costco, snacks at Whole Foods, our favorite wine & beer. I wrote a short poem, assembled the date night box and left it on the kitchen table. After a long week at work my husband had a fun surprise awaiting for him. Sometimes with the craziness of day to day life, you have to fit in time for fun. I encourage you to make a themed date night box or plan a fun date night for your significant other, it won’t disappoint!


I hope everyone chooses to better themselves and be the positive light our world needs. Start at home and work your way into your community. We can make a huge difference in this amazing country we live in! Love can conquer all!!

Stay tuned for more fun ideas on dating my husband and how I’m going to be giving back to my community. What are some fun date night ideas you have done?

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