Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is my go to breakfast. There are so many options to dress up this toast and every time it is so darn delicious. For the sake of #toasttuesday (yes, there is such a thing) I thought I would share one of my favorite avo toast recipes with you.

Ingredients you will need:

-1 piece of bread

-1 egg

-Kite Hill chive cream cheese

-1 avocado

-a slice of a bell pepper

-1 tsp Chosen Food avocado oil

-pinch of salt & pepper

Start by toasting your favorite bread. I get the organic bread at the grocery store that is on sale . I encourage you to read the ingredients & make sure you can read them!

Poor 1 tsp avocado oil into small pan on medium heat. Place bell pepper in the oil and crack an egg into the middle of the bell pepper.

While the egg is cooking spread the cream cheese onto the toasted bread.

Then scoop out half of an avocado on top of the cream cheese. Mash the avocado with a fork and spread out into a checkered design.

When the egg is at your desired consistency, turn the heat off and place your bell pepper egg onto your toast.

Sprinkle salt & pepper over the egg & you have yourself an amazing breakfast toast.

Bon appetite! Have a wonderful day!!!


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