This pregnancy has been a long time coming, as Jackson and I have been married for ten years. Our poor family and friends eventually stopped asking us if we were going to have a baby because our response was always, not yet, but we never said never. This year we were finally ready to make that leap into parenthood and we were very excited to start our journey! Jackson and I decided we wanted one more big vacation before baby, so I knew if I suggested an Ironman race with a desired destination, it would be a done deal. New Zealand was a bucket list destination and soon became a reality in March. Jackson won the Ironman there and we got to travel the beautiful country for three weeks after his Ironman; it was a trip of a lifetime! It was also there, driving around from town to town is where we decided after that vacation, we were ready to start trying for a baby. Well, God had a different plan because I had severe back pain after our return plane ride home; it was an on and off injury over the past year. After many: chiropractors, doctors, specialist, misdiagnoses and two MRI tests, it was confirmed I had ruptured my L5 disc and had a pinched nerve that caused sciatica down my left leg. Fast forward to July and my physical therapist told me that today would be my last appointment and I asked him about trying to get pregnant and he said yes, you should start trying because murphy law- it can take a while. He said I will probably have some back pain in my pregnancy, but I know the exercises and how to manage the pain. I remember getting into my car and calling my husband, so gitty and telling him the wonderful news.

At the end of July we had a wonderful opportunity to  house-sit in Tiburon, a small town close to San Francisco. We were thinking about moving to the Marin area, to raise our future child because of their fantastic schools and safe neighborhoods. Although we decided while living there that moving to Marin was not going to be in our near future because the commute was too far for my husband; we still loved our time there and created so many wonderful memories. While living there, one of our greatest memories was finding out we were pregnant. Here is how it went: Jackson and I ventured to the local CVS and couldn’t find the pregnancy tests, so we ended up asking an employee and he pointed us in the right direction. I will never forget him asking: “is that all” and in my mind I was thinking, IS THAT ALL?….UM…just a major life changer could be awaiting in that box. We bought an early detection pregnancy test, as we were celebrating my niece’s birthday that weekend and if I pass up Rose on a hot day, my family was sure to know I was pregnant. We did the test together and the it was negative; we weren’t that surprised because the test said the earlier you take the test, the less accurate it would be. We were going to wait to take the next test, in the next few days.

After the party, my parents came to visit us in Tiburon for a few days.  The morning they left, they woke me up at 6:30am, to say goodbye and so I could lock the door on their way out.  Jackson went to our house in the South Bay to beat the traffic and get a bike trainer ride in before work.  That day marked the first day of my cycle, so I couldn’t wait and took the test! Well, I only waited a minute and a faint pink line showed up on the test; I started to cry, jumped up and down with the dogs and I quickly hit Facetime with my husband. I told him the good news, with happy tears streaming down my face…we were both shocked, but excited with pure joy; we were going to be parents!!!! The whole day I couldn’t stop smiling and it was also the longest day waiting for my husband to get home!

He came in with a beautiful bouquet of pink and blue hydrangeas and a handwritten note. Lots of hugs and kisses and can you believe it, we are going to be parents were exchanged;  we were in a state of pure bliss but shock as well, it was a very surreal feeling. We went out to dinner with our friends and wanted desperately to burst out and tell them the exciting news, but it was the start of our biggest secret we had to keep. Well, I couldn’t exactly keep that secret in, I had to tell someone, so naturally we Facetimed my parents. They were both sitting on their couch and we talked for a bit and then told them we had some exciting news…I’m pregnant! My parents both started crying and were beyond thrilled for us. To say this day, August 9, 2017 has changed our life, would be an understatement; I’m balling crying as I write about that day we found out I was pregnant. Blessed is the word that comes to mind, to be able to be growing a miracle inside has been such a joyous experience. Our greatest adventure will be arriving in April 2018, so stay tuned for our pregnancy adventure. Thank you for all of the: love, support and prayers!

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