One Month Update

Taking care of a newborn has encompassed so many emotions: one second we’re looking into our daughter’s eye with pure bliss and thinking how did we create this perfect baby, then she starts crying and we are panicking, going over the checklist of why she’s crying and trying everything in the book until we’ve soothed her. We have a new found respect for other parents & an even greater one for our own parents! There are hardly any breaks for parents and if you’re lucky to get one, you feel guilty or miss that sweet baby! I’ve also never been so: hormonal, sleep deprived or cried this much in my life, but welcome to motherhood! It’s not about our selfish needs anymore, but making sure our baby is well taken care of, every waking hour & there are a lot of them with a newborn! It has been a transition for us, into our new roles as parents; it has truly been our greatest & hardest adventure! We have kissed our sleep goodbye and free time…what’s that?! Baby Z now runs the show and everything revolves around taking care of our precious baby girl!

We might be biased, but we think Zealynn is the cutest newborn we have ever seen! She’s: feisty, cuddly, precious, makes us laugh with her funny faces, burps & farts like a college frat boy, oh and let’s not forget about that sweet newborn smell! Z hates: her diaper changed, being dressed & when her parents are standing too still. She loves her mama and feeds all the time; she’s also gaining weight and growing long like her parents. Zealynn loves to be on the move: bounced, rocked, car rides (we can’t get to the freeway fast enough), bumps on stroller rides and being held is her favorite form of napping! She’s adored by her: parents, family & friends. 

Gas has been a big part of our first month with Z. We even took her to the doctor for it at two weeks and learned that infant gas is normal and quite common. Our pediatrician recommended gas drops and they have been somewhat helpful, but they don’t resolve the problem completely. She still grunts loudly with gas pain, especially at night; it’s been hard to witness & I just want to do something to help her, but can’t! The doctor said it usually gets better around the age of three months when their digestive system have matured a bit. Things we have tried for gas: the windi, gripe water, belly massages, bicycle kicks and gas drops. Oh and as a parent we have never celebrated a poop so much, but when Z goes it’s a fist pump for her parents, as it always makes her feel better. Let’s not forget to mention the other newborn joys: spitting up, blow outs and hiccups; babies have all kinds of lovely surprises for their parents!

Our world has changed and we are so very thankful for our precious baby girl! It has been very hard, but worth every minute! Everyday has been different and not having a schedule has been very difficult for us! Our pediatrician said at 4 months you can sleep train them and have more of a routine; we didn’t know it would take that long! Although Z runs the show as far as our schedule, we have still gotten out for: walks, dinners, errands, appointments and even went on a road trip. It’s definitely not the same as before Z, but we are trying to figure out this newborn phase…day by day, moment by moment. Each day we learn a new tool to sooth her, improve something we were doing wrong and are constantly learning about Zealynn, as she is navigating this new world she has been born into. She’s our gift from god and has us smitten in newborn heaven! Zealynn is daddy’s girl and  mommy’s whole world!

Newborn Items We Love:

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Zipper or magnetic onesies-lifesaver to change a diaper in the middle of the night! The buttons are such a pain!

Disposable changing mats-great for blowouts, spit ups or pees. It saves you one less thing to launder!

Sound machine-Z is very loud at night & this helps (I think more for us than Z)! I love the nightlight and you can control it from the app!

Swaddle Me swaddles-easy to swaddle baby in seconds and keeps them secure with heavy duty velcro.

Pottery Barn blankets-soft and cuddly, highly recommend!

Paccifier-MAM, lifesaver!

Rock N Play-love! We keep one upstairs and downstairs for naps.

Car seat: Nina Pippa Lite-the lightest car seat & thank goodness bc when you add the baby, it gets really heavy! Our baby loves car rides in her car seat.

Stroller-Uppa Baby Vista. Love everything about this stroller, especially: the large compartment storage, bassinet attachment, comfortable for tall people with an adjustable handle, smooth, easy to steer & easy transfer from car seat to base.

Google & YouTube-how to: swaddle, work the stroller, bathe a newborn, sooth a baby, the list goes on; how did our parents do it without the internet? 

Pediatrician-all health & safety related questions we called our pediatrician line or asked at our appointments.

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