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Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is my go to breakfast. There are so many options to dress up this toast and every time it is so darn delicious. For the sake of #toasttuesday (yes, there is such a thing) I thought I would share one of my favorite avo toast recipes with you. Ingredients you will need: -1 piece of bread -1 egg -Kite… Read more →

Thanksgiving Dinner

Cooking thanksgiving dinner can be very overwhelming, but why should it when it’s a day to be thankful & spend time with your loved ones. We have a tradition of going to Mexico with our friends, which is the most amazing tradition…EVER! Although I could eat Mexican food everyday, we still miss our favorite sides for Thanksgiving. We solved this… Read more →

FALLtastic Recipes

When we returned home from Hawaii, I wasn’t quite ready for Fall, but coming back to rainy weather forced me to embrace the Fall season with open arms. With an empty fridge I quickly went to Pintrest for some fall recipe inspo. I hit the jackpot with these fall recipes, Bon Appetit! My Facebook feed has turned into cooking… Read more →

Healthy Menu Plan

I’m posting our last week’s menu, full of healthy and delicious recipes. Dinner Recipes: *We bbqed the peaches for the salad; it was amazing!*We added pan seared chicken breasts to this recipe.*We added bbqed chicken breasts to this recipe. We tailgated on Saturday and had left over burger patties and decided to make burger bowls.… Read more →

Monday Menu Plan

My husband is at the peak of his training for his pinnacle race of the year, Ironman World Championships in Kona; which means less: carbs, sugar, alcholol and healthier meals with more protein on their way to our casa. We also made a goal to only drink twice a week and have one dessert (this starts tomorrow); wish me luck!… Read more →

Menu Planning

Oh the dreaded, “what’s for dinner?” question asked by your husband after a busy day and the LAST thing you want to think about! My husband and I cook most week nights and making the grocery list and then having to go to the grocery store is a real drag, but a home cooked meal and your waist line will appreciate… Read more →